Luminar Neo Spring Update 1.19.0

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Luminar Neo photo editing program :

It is a program that every professional photographer needs, as it has artificial intelligence-powered tools that facilitate the image editing process.


Luminar Spring Update 1.19.0 :

The Luminar Neo development team has announced an update that will include the following:

user interface:

The user interface will be updated to a new interface to make it easier for the user to access the tools.


Change the trademark and application tag to a tag that expresses the light that makes up the image.


Two tools have been added:

  • AI Water Enhancer ᴬᴵ.
  •  Twilight Enhancer ᴬᴵ
This is an example of a water enhancer in the picture:
Water Enhance
 This is an example of improving the appearance of the sky in the picture at sunset or sunrise:

In masks:

  • Luminosity mask, through which dark areas and bright areas in the image can be identified and modified.
  • Object Select ᴬᴵ


New jobs added:

  • Developing HDR technology so that a maximum of 1,000 images can be combined and converted into an image with high definition in colors and lighting.
  • The ability to turn off the dynamic background of the application so that the background of the application becomes a fixed color, and this is possible through the settings.
  • In the Tools section you can easily access your favorite landscape category.
Watch Luminar Update 1.19.0 in this video:

The update will be launched on April 25, 2024, and will reach all Luminar Neo users in their accounts.
There are spring discounts on the Luminar Neo program of up to 83%. You can view the prices through the following link:
There are two versions of the Luminar Neo program, one with a monthly subscription and a lifetime version with a one-time purchase. 
The main difference between them is that the monthly subscription version enables you to use artificial intelligence tools to modify the image, and those who have the one-time paid version can activate the Creative Journey Pass subscription to get this feature.
For more information about the differences between the two versions, click here.
 There is a 30-day money back guarantee if you don't like Luminar Neo.

Written by:
 Mohammed AlSharif
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